Flapjack Challenge

Pancake Breakfast

Join FIRST Team 1625 Winnovation on Saturday, December 5, 2015 for a pancake breakfast.  Pancakes will be served from 8am - 12pm in the middle school school cafeteria. Tickets are $5 for adults,  $3 for children and $3 for team members. We'll also have an awesome bake sale and basket raffle to raise money for the 2016 robotics season. Contact any Winnovation team member for tickets, or email to request a team member contact you or to receive extra details about the event. Location and street address are below - note new location and we're BACK AT THE HIGH SCHOOL!

Winnebago High School
200 East McNair Road
Winnebago, Il 61088

Mini Bot Competition

This year's Flapjack Challenge will be called Firm Grasp! It will start on Saturday December 5, 2015 beginning at 10am in the gym at Winnebago Middle School (note new location)

This event is designed as a friendly "mini" bot (less than or equal to 25 pounds) competition AND a great training opportunity to get everyone ready for the FIRST Kick-off in January.  There is no registration fee. 

Friends and family are invited to watch the competition, enjoy some awesome pancakes (hence the "Flapjacks"), and start holiday shopping during our wonderful basket raffle.

Click here to view and download the rules for this year's competition for more details:

If you have any questions please email

Questions & Answers

  1. How are tie breakers decided? In qualifying matches, winning teams get 2 points, losing teams get 0; in case of a tie, all four teams get 1 point. In eliminations, a team has to win outright twice to advance.
  2. Can we use pneumatics? Nothing in the rules against pneumatics, so they are allowed. You still have to use the Vex platform, and stay within the weight limit.
  3. What do you mean when you say, on the first page, "There is a 12 inch deep taped region on the ground spanning the width of the field" and what does that taped region do? There are two ramps and two platforms spanning each end of the field. There will be a tape stripe along the floor, 12 inches from the base of the first ramp (where the first ramp meets the floor to the far edge of the tape is 12 inches). Balls in the zone between the far edge of the tape and the ramp at the end of the match score 2 points each.
  4. Dimensions of ping pong balls? Ping pong balls are 40mm in diameter
  5. How wide is the flag holder? The flag holder will be a two inch wooden cube with a vertical 3/8 inch hole drilled in the center; the flagpoles will be about 1/4 inch, so they should be removable without any friction.
  6. What is the date of the challenge? When and where does this take place? Saturday December 5, 2015 beginning at 10am
    Winnebago Middle School gym: 

    407 N Elida St, Winnebago, IL 61088
    Winnebago Middle School Google Maps
  7. Will we know in advance which team(s) we will be in alliances with? Typically, we make up the match list the morning of the competition, since sometimes teams show up or cancel at the last minute. We usually play some qualifying rounds, then have a draft, then do eliminations. So no, you won't know in advance who your alliance partners are. Collusion, communication, and secret back-room deals are always encouraged ;-) !
  8. What is the diameter of the PVC pipe that is holding the flag? The flag holder will be a two inch wooden cube with a vertical 3/8 inch hole drilled in the center; the flagpoles will be about 1/4 inch, so they should be removable without any friction.
Game clarifications (based on questions submitted so far)

  1. The truss tube is 1.5 inches in diameter.
  2. Truss is 21" high; this is measured from the floor to the top of the truss tube.
  3. Rings must be hung separately. The bolt must be holding the ring not a separate source, e.g. string or other material.
  4. Scoring bonus will only be awarded to robots hanging from the truss. No points will be rewarded for hanging on the scoring peg or hanging from a ring that is hanging from a scoring peg.
  5. Contact with a robot that is hanging is allowed unless it causes the robot to fall or interferes with their hanging process. For instance if one bot is already hanging and I hit it yet it stays up, that's okay. If you knock someone off or interfere with their hanging process it is a 50 point penalty (same as if they hung)