Monday, September 19, 2011

Week of September 19

Open Shop this week - 3pm - 7pm Mon - Thurs, 3pm - 4:30pm Friday.

Monday, September 19 - TEAM KICK-OFF meeting is at 7pm Monday night in the cafetorium. New updated Team Handbooks will be handed out and reviewed. Consent forms need to be signed and district extra-curricular forms completed if necessary.

Friday, September 23 - Load IRI robot for HarvestFest

Saturday, September 24 - Playing LogoMotion at HarvestFest in Milwaukee. The Kahlers and Asners will be transporting the robot and students. Seth L., Arthur S., Bryan O., Jacob K., Scott B., Owen A., Jacob A., and Noah W. are signed up at this time. Mentors Jeremy T. and Kellen H. are also going. Meet at the Bot Shop at 6am. We will return to the Bot Shop around 8pm. Bring $$ for food. Matches start at 10:15am; elimination rounds are scheduled to begin at 3:45pm. Event ends at 5:30pm.

Friday, September 30 - Winnovation will be working concessions at the Homecoming Football game. We need 1 more adult for JV game, and 6 more adults for Varsity game.
  • 4:30pm for JV: John Cox, Brian & Mindy Brown, John & Mona Siebel, Todd Eilers, Mike & Linda Hedlund, Carrie Asner, Gary & Trish Lightfoot, Don & Polly Kahler (Trailer). Need 1 more adult.
  • 6:30pm for Varsity: Steve Freeman, Michele Thorn, Tom & Lana Daly, Val Hong, Denise Eilers, Scott & Karen Hill. NEED 6 more adults.

SEE YOU MONDAY AT WHS Cafetorium, 7pm!!