Sunday, January 1, 2012

Off-Season Prototype

During the off-season Arthur Siebel led a project to build an eight-wheel drive prototype.  It is geared at 13.5 feet per second using 3-inch Colson wheels.  With electronics, it weighs 42 pounds.  The gearbox is single-stage made from standard commercial-off-the-shelf gears we had in the shop.  It was simple to make and will be easy to manufacturing during the season.  This prototype uses eight single-piece wheel assemblies. These are tied to the main drive axle by chain.  This simple single-piece design allows for lighter overall product that will always be able to drive, even if a chain breaks or is disconnected during competition.
2012 Prototype - Full Drive Train
2012 Prototype - Gear Box

2012 Prototype - Wheel Assembly