Sunday, October 27, 2013

Notice! Changes made to field diagram.

*This post will keep getting updated with changes to the game if need be, please keep checking back to see if any new changes have occurred.

Please take note that the diagram for the Ball Up! Flapjack Challenge has been updated and fixed.

Field characteristic changes from 16x11 FT perimeter wall, will now be composed of a 1' FT tall plywood wall with 1' FT netting. Each of the end wall goals will have a 2 FT tall plywood backboard.
Backboard is 2 FT tall from the ground to the top of the backboard. (Updated: 10/28/13 at 8:00 PM)

The fixed error was 6 FT TALL -------> 6 IN TALL.

Please let your team members know and any other teams that you have contact with that are participating in the game know. Thank you and good luck to everyone!

-Kyle Freeman