Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Android App!

We are pleased to announce that we have created an Android app for people who have Android platform phones. The app is still currently in its beta stages right now so it doesn't contain much information on it aside from some RSS feeds from the official FIRST blog and posts from our website here.

To download, go to the Resources page on your Android phone, then scroll down till you find a long link that goes to the app download. As soon as you get to the page, click Install App.

While your phone downloads the app, since it is not being downloaded from the Android market place, you may have to go change your settings to allow non-market place apps to install.

We can assure that the app is perfectly safe to use and free of charge.
Click the Resources tab at the top to get started!

NOTE: We will be updating the app often within the next few weeks with different updates and corporations to improve its usability.