Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Good Luck Winnovation at the FRC Championship in St. Louis

Winnovation FRC 1625 will be competing in St. Louis (Missouri) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the FIRST Championship Event.  12,000 students from 38 countries will be competing in FLL, FTC, and FRC matches to determine the 2014 FIRST World Champion at each level.  More than 30,000 are expected to watch the event or join in activities in person.

Want to follow the action at home?  Here are some options:
  • Webcast will be available directly at (look for "Archimedes") - Please note our team has no control over availability or quality of the webcast.
  • Our friends at FRCMega provide a way to receive real time updates on your cell phone. Visit to get started; after you sign up follow 1625 to get text alerts for upcoming match times, match results and competition details.
  • There are several ways to get updates via smartphone, FRC Spyder is one of the most popular options.  Available for Android and iOS in the respective app stores.
  • We'll be posting fun stuff to  Twitter (@frc1625) and Facebook on throughout the event.
Winnovation is competing on Archimedes.  (Matches will be played on three other fields simultaneously - Archimedes, Curie, Galileo, and Newton; 100 teams will compete on each field.)  We will play 10 qualification matches.  Our preliminary match schedule is:
  • Thu 9:00am - Match 1 (yes, the first match of the competition!)
  • Thu 11:42am - Match 28
  • Thu 1:54pm - Match 40
  • Thu 3:24pm - Match 55
  • Thu 5:42pm - Match 78
  • Fri 10:54am - Match 98
  • Fri 1:18pm - Match 109
  • Fri 3:36pm - Match 132
  • Fri 4:48pm - Match 144
  • Sat 9:33am - Match 164
Special thank you to all of our sponsors who have made attending this event possible.  We're especially grateful for ways that friends and families have made this more affordable for our students.

If you are near St. Louis and have a few hours to check out the action - you won't be disappointed.  Let us know you are coming and we'll find a seat for you in the stands to watch some of the hardest fun you'll ever have!

Winnovation Rocks!