Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet Me in St. Louis!

Winnovation will be competing at the FIRST Championship Event on April 23-25. We will be competing on Carver Field, one of eight fields of FRC action this weekend! Our preliminary match schedule is:

    Please share this info with friends and family who want to follow the action at home:
    • There are several ways to get updates via smartphone, FRC Spyder is one of the most popular options.  Available for Android and iOS in the respective app stores.
    • We'll be posting fun stuff to  Twitter (@frc1625) and Facebook throughout the event

    A special note for friends and family who are planning to join us in St. Louis at Champs:

    FIRST is requiring that all FIRST Championship attendees register for the event. This includes all team Mentors/Coaches, student team members, and general spectators. Registration grants attendees access to participant-only activities and event transportation. Additionally, registration adds to the security of the expanded event. For FRC visitors, the nearest registration kiosk is at America’s Center/Edward Jones Dome:  outside of Hall 3 in the America’s Center; best accessed via Entry A or Washington Street entrance. (Students and parents staying in team hotel are pre-registered with team. Those staying with family or in a different hotel will need to visit the kiosk before entering the event.)

    Visit the event planning page for details additional details and get layout of events here.