Thursday, April 3, 2014

In the Windy City!

Winnovation FRC 1625 is in Chicago Friday and Saturday for the Midwest Regional Competition.  The early crew headed to Chicago early Thursday and hit the field for FIVE practice matches.  We also worked with a number of rookie teams building bumpers, including a team all the way from Turkey!

Here are details for friends and family to keep up on match times, match results, standings, plus webcast to watch the event!  Matches start at 9am.  We have a lot of great matches on tap, including Qual 11 with our friends the Hilltoppers! 

  • The Blue Alliance offers one of the most comprehensive regional and team experiences. Visit their Wisconsin Regional page at, "watch now" button is at top right of page
  • Webcast is available directly at - Please note our team has no control over availability of the webcast.
  • Our friends at FRCMega provide a way to receive real time updates on your cell phone. Visit to get started; after you sign up follow 1625 to get text alerts for upcoming match times, match results and competition details.
  • There are several ways to get updates via smartphone, FRC Spyder is one of the most popular options.  Available for Android and iOS in the respective app stores.
  • We'll be posting fun stuff to  Twitter (@frc1625) and Facebook on Friday and Saturday.
Looking forward to a great weekend of robot fun!  Winno-Vation!